Metrology for Bearing Manufacturing and R&D

Ultraprecision, Non-Contact Metrology for Bearings

Improving the lifespan and reliability of bearings lies at the forefront of modern bearing design and manufacture. Quality control and R&D play an important role in achieving this objective.

Wear and Defect Analysis on Bearings

Failure analysis of returns from the field or parts from simulators is a valuable tool for researchers striving to improve the longevity of bearings. It provides the basis for learning about the behaviour of materials and the impact of manufacturing techniques on product quality while reducing manufacturing cost.

Traditional metrology assesses bearings in 2D, but often fails to capture relevant information that only a full, 3-dimensional measurement can uncover. Identifying, where on a bearing a defect has occurred, how it relates to its neighbours, what its depth and volume are and how it develops over time provides valuable input for advances in bearing technology.

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OmniLux CMM

Accurate, Fast, Optical Coordinate Measuring Machines for Quality Control and R&D.

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