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High-Performance Metrology Systems That Improve Process and Quality

Supporting Our Optics Manufacturing Partners

For those manufacturing optical components, it is impossible to underestimate the importance of quality control. This is particularly true in today’s highly competitive environment, where manufacturers are faced with the ongoing challenge of controlling costs while ensuring that product specifications are always met.

We are committed to supporting our optics manufacturing partners by delivering high-performance metrology systems that improve process and quality.

As a result, optics manufacturers worldwide are choosing our solutions to improve their products and reduce operational costs to earn a measurable return on investment.


Optical Surface Quality & Scratch Dig Inspection

The demand for improved surface inspection technologies has led to the development of specialised machine vision solutions that can inspect in accordance with the industry standards, but at the same time, deliver a significant and measurable improvement in inspection process performance and reliability.

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OptiLux SD

OptiLux SD is RedLux’s comprehensive and powerful solution for controlled inspection of flat optical surfaces.

Patented inspection technology

OptiLux SD’s patented inspection technology supports both visual and dimensional inspection standards, delivering repeatability, reproducibility and throughput performance that finally allows you to build confidence in your inspection process and product quality.

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Case Studies


In 2016 leading UK Optical component manufacturer, Crystran, made a decision to bolster their quality control capability by investing in OptiLux SD. Managing Director Mark Middleton provides you with his feedback.

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