OmniLux CMM

Accurate, Fast, Optical Coordinate Measuring Machines for Quality Control and R&D.

A Powerful Solution for Speeding up the Inspection of Critical Components.

The OmniLux family of CMMs was developed to bring the performance of optical measurement to applications, where high precision combined with speed of measurement are essential.

  • Improve throughout with optical technology.
  • Micrometre and nanometre level precision.
  • Metrology-room performance on the shop floor.
  • Form, surface and defect metrology in one system.
  • Optional interface to robot and your company data base.

Optical CMM

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Read more about OmniLux CMM. A powerful solution for speeding up the inspection of critical components.

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Are You Still Using Contact Metrology To Measure Critical Components?

Contact metrology is slow and can damage delicate surfaces, often making quality control the bottle neck in your process.

Achieve a step change in the performance of your inspection process by replacing slow, tactile instruments with an optical CMM.
OmniLux CMMs deliver the repeatability, reproducibility and throughput that give you a competitive advantage not achievable with other technologies.


Our Solution

The OmniLux family of optical CMMs provides a complete solution from simulation over non-contact measurement to GD&T compatible report. They deliver the speed, accuracy and detail that build confidence in your inspection process and product quality.

Bring Metrology-Room Performance to the Shop Floor

OmniLux CMMs are designed with temperature compensation and vibration isolation to enable the location in the production cell. They enable single part flow and immediate feedback on your manufacturing process.

Accuracies in the Micro- and Nanometre Range

Sensors and motion systems that achieve machine accuracies not available to other technologies make OmniLux CMMs the go-to solution for applications with the tightest requirements.

Suitable for Form, Surface and Defect Metrology

Combining form, surface and defect metrology in a single system removes the need to transfer parts between different instruments and reduces cycle time.

Optional Interface to Robot and Your Company Database

For integration into an automated work cell, an optional interface to a robot and an interface to your company database are available.

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