Metrology for Small Bores

Ultraprecision, Non-Contact Metrology for Small Bores

Many engineering components feature small, functionally important internal bores that require tight quality control because their exact form and surface roughness determine the performance of the component.

With a non-contact coordinate measuring machine equipped with a fibreoptic probe with a diameter as small as 80 μm, fast and accurate measurements can resolve bottlenecks in your manufacturing process.


Simulate Measurement

  • Simulate the measurement before measuring an actual part on the CMM.
  • Optimise the measurement path for speed.
  • Avoid collisions between the fibre optic probe and the bore to be measured.

Measure Small Bore

Applications are the measurement of

  • Small bores in injection systems, electronics, pneumatic systems and ultraprecision turned parts.
  • Steep side walls that are inaccessible with other optical technology.
  • Surface roughness with Ra < 1 μm, Rz < 10 μm.


The measurement result can be viewed as a 3D map of the measured surface. Alternatively, evaluation against GD&T is possible.